Meet the Feather Family!

It’s hard rounding up kittens for a family photo!

For the past month, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting who we are calling the Feather family. (The Shelby Humane Society named this bunch after birds.) It’s been so wonderful seeing them grow into the healthy, strong kittens they are today. All but one has hit the two pound mark, which means next week we’ll be bringing them into the shelter to be fixed and microchipped.

We’re using our social media platforms to spread the word and see if we can get these kittens forever homes.

I’ll be posting bios about these little fluff balls. If you’re in or near the Birmingham, Alabama area and are interested in these kittens, we are Adoption Ambassadors for the Shelby Humane Society! You can shoot us an email or DM us on our Instagram. We also have a new Facebook page, where you can post or DM us.




And of course, feel free to comment on here if you have any questions.

We want these kittens to find their forever families, so please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested!


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