Sweet Ostrich

Ostrich is the grey little girl of the bunch. But even though her coat is the color of a stormy day, she’s nothing but pure joy.

This dark grey girl has a solid colored coat, save for the tiny tuft of white on her chest. Her face is a bit more angular than her other siblings, which gives her a fancy lady look. While her fellow grey brother, Sandpiper, has eyes to match his coat Ostrich’s eyes are more on the green side.


Ostrich’s fur is an interesting texture. It reminds me of my cat, Bonnie’s, coat when she was a kitten. I got Bonnie thinking she would be a short hair cat and was surprised when her coat got longer and fluffier. I can’t predict how Ostrich will grow, but I do see similarities between her and baby Bonnie.

Physically, she’s a resilient little girl. When they came to us as tiny babies, she was one of the strongest in the bunch and would constantly climb furniture and the kitty tower. Last week, she did catch a cold that caused her to slim down a bit, but one antibiotic shot and a day of rest later, she regained her health and is just as rambunctious as before.


She’s quite the active kitten, with plenty of energy to spare. As soon as she’s done playing, she’s on the hunt for a nice warm lap (preferably with a fuzzy blanket) for napping. This little girl loves to be loved.

I can see Ostrich doing really well with children. She doesn’t shy away from noise, but has a sweet and gentle disposition. Ostrich was incredibly patient with our small cousins when they came to visit. She didn’t runaway from their excitement and happily played with them and allowed them to pet her. Her little purring motor was going strong the entire time they interacted.

She could possibly do well with a calm pup that has a similarly sweet disposition. I wouldn’t rule out her being adopted by a family with a canine sibling.


No matter who chooses her, Ostrich will be the sweetest little addition to her forever family.


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