Cuckoo, the ball of energy

The kitty in our banner? Yup, that’s our dear Cuckoo.

Don’t be fooled by that relaxed pose. We were incredibly lucky to catch this rare moment of Cuckoo in repose! It’s why we don’t have many pictures of her captured on our camera. You just need to see the amount of blurry pictures we went through just to get this picture. (Thanks to our friend, Rachel, who was so incredibly patient while we photographed this bunch.) But our Instagram also contains some great shots of Cuckoo playing and living the kitten life.

Of the kitties in this litter, Cuckoo is the most playful. Granted, they’re kittens so they all love playtime but Cuckoo vastly outdoes her siblings in terms of stamina. This makes her perfect someone seeking a playmate for another kitty or a home with children. If you’re looking to adopt two, sending her home with a sibling playmate would also be great. Sweet Ostrich and fuzzy boy Sandpiper match her energy level.

When she’s not busy chasing around her siblings or the feather toy (or shoe laces…or anything that moves), Cuckoo loves to find a warm sunbeam to nap on. She LOVES her kitty bed. I can almost always count on finding her there when she’s not zooming around the house.

I love the energy that this lady brings anywhere she is and know she’ll be a ray of sunshine to any family that chooses her.


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