A weekend of hellos and goodbyes

Before I get to write their introductions, Eagle and Heron are already out the door with their forever families!

Once the kittens got snipped, we’ve been doubling down on getting everyone into a forever home. Melissa was the first person to contact us about adopting one of our kitties. She’s a yoga instructor in the area who recently lost her sweet 16 year old kitty to cancer. Melissa told us about how she took this guy in when he was 13 so she could be a loving and comfortable retirement home. I’m sure your sweet boy was surrounded by love during his golden years.

A few months had passed and Melissa was ready to welcome another cat into her home. She has an 11 year old lady black cat who was starting to feel a little lonely. We were so happy when we got a message from Melissa showing interest in our fosters.

Last week, she came over to meet them and couldn’t decide which one she wanted. Melissa initially was interested in either Eagle or Ostrich, but I informed her that someone else had already expressed interest in Ostrich and would come by to pick her up soon. So it looked like it might be Eagle, but that’s when our dear little Heron caught her eye.

Teeny tiny Heron

Heron is the tiniest of her siblings. When they were all lined up, you could tell Heron apart because she looked like she was younger than the other kitties. I love a teeny kitten. But her size didn’t mean she couldn’t keep up with the other cats. Heron has a lot of spunk and doesn’t even realize that she’s the munchkin of the bunch.

Melissa’s always had a soft spot for the smallest of the litters. Her lady cat was also the runt and grew into the most beautiful cat. It seems that this is what sold her and a few hours later, I got a text saying that she wanted to make Heron hers. We filled out the paperwork, and just this morning Heron said good-bye to her siblings and left us. I know that Heron will be happy in her new home.


A few days later, Beth contacted us over Instagram with an interest in Eagle. Beth is a nurse, and she and her boys already have two older kittens in their home. They were looking to add a third to complete their family and Eagle caught their eye.

I can’t blame her. Eagle is a very handsome kitty. While Heron and Cuckoo are solid little panthers, Eagle has some beautiful auburn tabby patterns that reveal themselves when he walks in the sunlight. This boy has also kept his green eyes, where his two sisters’ have turned more of a hazel shade.

Eagle is a perfect fit for this family. He’s been one of my favorites from this litter. (I mean, they’re all my favorites but I did have a soft spot for this darling boy.) He’s very similar to Ostrich in temperament and is a good blend of lap cat and playmate. I knew Eagle would need to go to a home with some kitty siblings to keep him company. He tended to mewl out of loneliness if he got separated from the other cats or humans for too long. Between two human brothers and two kitty siblings, Eagle will be in great company.

The boys were also very enamored with Eagle. They loved how he would wander off to stretch out in sunbeams and were excited to see if he’d like playing with the feather wand and mouse toys. (Spoiler alert: Eagle LOVES chasing toys around.) It was truly love at first sight for these guys.

This has been the most rewarding part of the fostering experience. Seeing these kitties go off to homes where I know they’ll be just as adored as they were with us.

Three down, two to go.


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