Fuzzy boy Sandpiper needs a home!

Sandpiper is the biggest of his siblings, and yes, he’s just as handsome in person as he is in his picture.

Just like his grey sister Ostrich, Sandpiper has a very fuzzy coat. But where Ostrich was short hair and had little silky patched, Sandpiper is all fuzz. He looks and feels like a warm, soft cotton ball. His sweet little eyes are also grey. I absolutely love his monochromatic look!

Personality wise, this little man is such a goofball. I like to think that Sandpiper is a lap cat in denial. He likes to think he’s totally grown and can be on his own, but five minutes later you’ll hear his little croaky cry as he’s searching for a human or kitty sibling.

He’s formed a great bond with our resident cat Beau. I feel like he’s taken him on as a big brother. Beau will stroll into the room looking for water or kitten food, and Sandpiper will perk right up, running over to him with his tail in the air.

Sandpiper will need to go to a home with other kitty siblings. I could see him fitting in well with a big kitty brother or sister to play with him and keep company. I also think he and his sister Cuckoo, who is also still looking for her forever home, would also do well being adopted out together to the same family.

Whoever adds this little guy to their family won’t be short of loving purrs.


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