Fuzzy boy Sandpiper needs a home!

Sandpiper is the biggest of his siblings, and yes, he’s just as handsome in person as he is in his picture. Just like his grey sister Ostrich, Sandpiper has a very fuzzy coat. But where Ostrich was short hair and had little silky patched, Sandpiper is all fuzz. He looks and feels like a warm,… Continue reading Fuzzy boy Sandpiper needs a home!

Meet the Feather Family!

For the past month, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting who we are calling the Feather family. (The Shelby Humane Society named this bunch after birds.) It’s been so wonderful seeing them grow into the healthy, strong kittens they are today. All but one has hit the two pound mark, which means next week we’ll… Continue reading Meet the Feather Family!